Can SMART technology reduce the running cost of my home?

Can SMART technology reduce the running cost of my home?


We’re all worried about how much it costs to get by on a day-to-day basis right? So if we’re going to make a reasonable investment like installing SMART technology in our homes, a return on our investment financially would be good too hey?

Well, in the majority of cases we do get that return. Of course this depends on the build and what you want out of a home, but let me list three quick reasons why a smart home is cheaper to run.

Firstly, by utilising automatic features such as window and blind control, your home can cool down or heat up passively with no need to use expensive active sources such as air conditioning.

Secondly, with lighting control, smart control of appliances, irrigation systems and more you can manage the energy usage of your home precisely. And better yet, these features can be installed so they can be controlled instantly via your smart phone or just automatically while your not even home.

Thirdly, by integrating renewable energy (solar, wind etc.) along with your smart home installation you not only reduce your energy cost by generating it, but it many systems provide systems where you can see how much electricity is being produced and used – in real time. This allows you easily see how changes to climate, action and circumstance affect energy usage, and possibly alter you behaviour a little also…