02. Creating Healthy Workplaces for Inspired People and Better Lives, with Heidi Dening

02. Creating Healthy Workplaces for Inspired People and Better Lives, with Heidi Dening

As workers we’ll typically spend 90,000 hours of our lives in work spaces. Scary, sure, but it also means that these spaces have an incredible effect on how we live our lives, both professionally and personally – and why it’s so important that we stop thinking of them purely as a roof and four walls, but instead as a place designed to help us perform better and reach our potential.

Spaces. They influence every part of our lives – our health, wealth and happiness. Each week on the Spaces podcast, Sam Buckby shares the insights of leading building and design experts to help make our buildings smarter and create healthier and happier spaces.

Our guest today is Heidi Dening. Heidi is a specialist in creating work spaces that help people function better and more productively, both at work and in their personal lives. A passionate educator, Heidi shares this ethos through her speaking and consulting, as well as her best-selling book, Her Middle Name is Courage. Heidi’s resume also boasts being the only Australian on the advisory board for the International WELL Building Institute in New York.

In this conversation, Heidi shares with us her inspiration, enthusiasm and some practical tips for creating spaces where we, and our teams, can perform at our best and reach our potential.

Here’s what we build on in this episode:

  • – What is the International WELL Building Institute and the WELL Standard
  • – The science behind the standard
  • – What is wellness in a building sense
  • – The 10 components of the standard
  • – How we can create spaces that promote wellness
  • – How work spaces can aid social connection, collaboration, creativity and innovation
  • – The thinking behind the idea of self leadership
  • – Overcoming sick building syndrome
  • – Small things we can do to put these ideas into practice


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