09. Interior Design: Why Function is as Important as Fixtures and Furniture, with Michelle Astudillo

09. Interior Design: Why Function is as Important as Fixtures and Furniture, with Michelle Astudillo

The simplistic view of interior design is that it’s all about what a place looks like. But in reality, interior design plays a much bigger role in how a home flows, how it functions effectively, and how our spaces work for us as people.

Spaces. They influence every part of our lives – our health, wealth and happiness. Each week on the Spaces podcast, Sam Buckby shares the insights of leading building and design experts to help make our buildings smarter and create healthier and happier spaces.

On this episode we welcome Sydney-based interior designer, Michelle Astudillo. Michelle works predominantly with property developers to create homes that are not only attractive to potential buyers, but also functional for those who will live in them, and profitable for the developer.

Michelle shares with us her insights into the role of interior design, and her strategies, tips and tricks for how we can improve our own spaces. If you still think interior design is just about colour and furniture, this is going to be a real eye-opener.

Here’s what we design this conversation around:

  • – What does an interior designer actually do?
  • – When does interior design actually start?
  • – How aesthetics and functionality work hand in hand
  • – Why collaboration throughout a project is crucial
  • – Interior design secrets for sales success
  • – How the work-from-home trend is affecting design
  • – Why we need to be more space savvy in shrinking homes
  • – Designing for flow and functionality
  • – The importance of good lighting
  • – Satisfy our need for nature even in high-density developments
  • – Is interior design still at war with technology?
  • – Why Spain and the Spanish lifestyle inspires her



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