Turn Your Phone and Internet Into a Family Protection System

Turn Your Phone and Internet Into a Family Protection System


The power of the Internet means that most us are walking around with one of the most fantastic tools for family protection ever seen in our own pockets, purses or school bags every day – the humble mobile phone.

It’s the versatility of our mobile phones and the interconnectedness of phone and Internet technologies that really make them the dynamic duo of family home protection systems.

Safety In The Big Wired World

Together, these two technologies give us the power to connect with our home in ways that have never been possible before – no matter where we are in the world.

This is really the key. Armed with an everyday mobile phone, and access to the Internet through wifi or the 4G mobile network, every member of your family can be directly connected with your home no matter where they are.

With the right systems connected, these technologies can now do things like let us know if we’ve left a door, window or gate unlocked, and enable us to lock it remotely. Lights can respond intuitively to environmental or security factors. We can respond to someone at our home’s smart intercom system on our phone or computer as if we were there. Advanced sensor systems can let us know if somebody is in our home and switch on lights and cameras automatically. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Reassurance Of Simple, Secure Technology

The combination of modern phones, wifi and the 4G mobile network put an end to many of the fears people once had about automated safety systems, particularly the big two – complexity and reliability.

It’s reassuring to know that because these systems operate over any wifi and 4G mobile network, there’s no chance of them going down. What’s more, because most us are now are so adept at using mobile phones and the Internet, and the interface technology of apps has improved remarkably, any system you put in place can be easily operated by even the most novice technology user.

Everyday Safety In Practice

It’s sometimes difficult to see how these kinds of systems work until you’ve seen them in practice, though some potential scenarios might help to illustrate it.

Scenario 1: An unknown person has arrived at your home mid-morning when no one is there. This could simply be a delivery person, or something potentially more dangerous like a thief looking for an easy mark – an unoccupied home. With a smart intercom system connected to your mobile phone, as soon as the intercom button is pressed you’ll be notified immediately, enabling you to respond by live voice or video link as if you were inside. Any thief would certainly think twice before entering a home they believe is occupied.

Scenario 2: You’ve been held up in a meeting and your kids are due home from school shortly. With a combination of smart locking and sensor systems in place, your kids can check if there is anyone in the house via an app on their phone before they arrive. The smart system enables them to access the house and notifies you that they are home safe, and then it re-secures the house as before. It’s really simple, no-fuss peace of mind.

The DIY Family Protection System

The fact is many of these systems can be implemented in your home individually as and when you need them. There are several off-the-shelf systems, like wireless door locks and smart intercom systems, that you can easily pick up at your local ‘big green shed’ outlet. And though they may not have the functionality of a professionally installed, high-end system, they’re not bad, and certainly better than nothing at all. The Ring smart intercom system is one that’s worth considering.

But it’s when you start connecting and using multiple systems together that it requires a little more thought.

Simple Integrated Systems

Difficulties can arise when you have multiple systems working independently. Much of it comes down to the fact that with, say, five independent systems you need five different apps to use them. But it’s more than simply a pain in the bum.

It’s when the worse happens and you most need these systems that this kind complexity can mean trouble. Experience shows that technology that’s not easy to use is not going to be used. And, naturally, a security system that is not used is no security at all.

This is where people find value in talking to a team like ours at SmarterBuildings.

Simple Peace of Mind

Much like an architect designs how a variety of building materials come together to form an effective home, we design how a variety of electronic and information systems come together to form a practical, reliable and easy-to-use safety system for your family.

When designing a home safety system, we take a holistic approach. We think about it in terms of not only how these technological systems seamlessly integrate with each other, but also how they integrate with your family and your lifestyle. As the scenarios above highlighted, day-to-day family life is different for all of us, and the most effective safety system is one that is customised to suit.

It all comes back to this idea that if you make a system that’s easy to use, you make it useful. And that means peace of mind.

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