Why Smarter Buildings

In order to achieve a home that is truly connected with the people within it is all about the planning and design. This is the most common hurdle for aspiring Smart Home owners as the installations are generally either a last minute thought, sometimes even retrospective.

Think about the fundamentals of housing. When you are considering the size, shape and aesthetics you engage architects to help. When the building’s strength and structural integrity are to be assured an engineer is required.

For many this is when most new home or renovation concepts are put out to your builder for a proposal based on budget, time frames and quality of build. So aren’t we missing something? At what point did we design how this place is going to work!

At SmarterBuildings we predominately work with the generation of people who are striving for their dream home. A home that is designed as an extension of the people within and a home that over delivers on some of the key elements a home needs to provide in security, efficiency, lifestyle and simplicity.

SmarterBuildings design the newest and coolest home automation technology that has gone past the gimmicky products of the past to offer one-touch, intuitive control of the whole home in an integrated package that is robust, future proofed and above all, simple to use.