In 2015, Smarter Buildings will be running workshops for home owners and industry professionals.


Learn the secrets to creating intelligent, intuitive & inspired spaces with home automation.
Dreaming of a highly functional home with the best new technology & features? Want to create a safer, more secure environment for your family? Need a home that is highly efficient & sustainable but doesn’t need to be micro-managed day in, day out? Attend our 3 hour workshops to learn how to look at where you are at right now and turn your visions for a SMART HOME into a reality in our design masterclass.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Where are you at right now? Optimising your current location, situation and behaviours.
  2. Understanding what’s really important in your life and looking at how technology in the home can deliver.
  3. What’s out there? Start to look at the best systems & products on the market now for your upcoming project.


An overview on the Smart Home technology in today’s industry leading projects.
Have you got clients asking about home automation? Do you feel a little out-of-touch with the newest technology and it’s benefits? Could your next project use state-of-the-art technology to take it to the next level?

Attend our 2 hour info session to gain a better knowledge of what’s out there and how to best apply it to today’s market.

What we’ll cover:

  1. The future of housing. Why all new homes will be Smart Homes in the near future
  2. The difference between wired, wifi and DIY – What needs to be incorporated in the design phase.
  3. What to use. The best products and systems on the market right now.
  4. The art of integration – Making sure it all works together!
  5. Q&A with industry professionals