10. Using Building Biology to Create Healthier Homes and Workplaces, with Bronwyn Bennett

10. Using Building Biology to Create Healthier Homes and Workplaces, with Bronwyn Bennett

Think about how much time you spend indoors, in a day, in a week, in a year. For many of us it’s a big chunk of our lives. Yet, how much thought do we give to how the built spaces we live and work in affect our health? Answer: probably not as much as we should.

Spaces. They influence every part of our lives – our health, wealth and happiness. Each week on the Spaces podcast, Sam Buckby shares the insights of leading building and design experts to help make our buildings smarter and create healthier and happier spaces.

Bronwyn Bennett is a building biologist, and, before you ask, yes, it is a real profession. And, as you’ll hear, a very important one. After all, what’s more important than our health and the health of our loved ones? Bronwyn, through her business, Creating Healthy Spaces, helps people identify potential health risks in their built environment, how to overcome them, and create healthier living and working spaces.

If you’re interested in creating healthier indoor spaces for you, your family and/or staff (and who isn’t) then this episode is packed with great insight and fantastic tips.

Here’s some of what we get into:

  • – What is a building biologist
  • – Sick building syndrome
  • – Why a third of all disease is environmentally linked
  • – How we can use building biology in practice
  • – A holistic approach to wellness
  • – Why health needs to be our number one priority
  • – Making non-toxic choices for our homes and workplaces
  • – Is wifi and radiofrequency exposure the new smoking?
  • – How we can counteract the potential harms of technology
  • – Four simple tips for a healthier home right now
  • – Why not making your bed is a good thing



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