Episode 20. The science of colour and how it influences us with Tracey McLeod and Tracie Rodwell-Dunne

Episode 20. The science of colour and how it influences us with Tracey McLeod and Tracie Rodwell-Dunne

Spaces. They influence every part of our lives – our health, wealth and happiness. Each week on the Spaces podcast, Sam Buckby shares the insights of leading building and design experts to help make our buildings smarter and create healthier and happier spaces.

On this episode, we welcome Tracey McLeod & Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, both who are colour psychologists. We discuss the impact of colour not only in our homes but in the clothing we wear and the effect they have on our emotions in our environment

We also discussed:

  • -Colour and how it influences our daily lives.
  • -Colour Psychology is based on the energy of colour and how we react and respond to that energy.
  • -Tracie is a retired interior designer and now owns a decorating and design school.
  • -She has worked with colour for over 30 years and shares that she has cravings for particular colours, like others get cravings for food.
  • -Colours we wear vs the colour in a design.
  • -Tracey started her relationship with colour when she worked for not-for-profit marketing.
  • -After working in the marketing space she started a business in home staging.
  • -Tracey has long since used colour in marketing and shares the improvement colour can have on the sale of a home.
  • -Cultural impacts of how we perceive the energy of colour from Tracie’s experience.
  • -Tracey has completed colour psychology readings in over 350 homes. During this process, she gets the whole family involved in choosing a colour for the family home.
  • -Tracie shares some of the emotional changes she has seen in office workspaces when the wall colour has been changed.
  • -Sam, as a lighting contractor, shares his experience of working with graphic designers.
  • -Tracie works with lighting engineers and the effect lighting has on colour.
  • -How lighting can be used in hospitals and the effect they have on family members visiting patients.
  • -Tracie gives us advice on colour in office spaces.
  • -Tracey speaks about colour in branding and the message it sends out.
  • -Adding value to homes through colour with Tracey.
  • -Tracie speaks about colour in the home and public spaces.
  • -The authority of colour in, for example, in police uniforms.
  • -Tracey McLeod & Tracie Rodwell’s ‘Lost In Space’ question shootout.

Enjoy this week’s Spaces episode with Tracey McLeod & Tracie Rodwell-Dunne

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