What we do

At SmarterBuildings we honestly believe that the difference between a home with ‘cool features’ and a home that is intelligent and aligned with the people within is all in the planning. For this reason we want, even need, our clients to develop an understanding of each of the steps and decisions required to truly achieve this.

We’ve all experienced new gadgets and gimmicks being thrust upon us and then been left trying to work out how it will benefit us. But if there was a way to first identify the benefits we need from our homes, then reverse engineer the whole process to then find the products and systems to fulfil our needs… Wouldn’t this be a better way? Well, that is the SmarterBuildings way.

So what is the best way to work out what we all need from our homes? Well we’ve got plenty of ways to help you out including books, webinars, design packs and consultancy services.

Sam’s first book, Homes With A Heartbeat, is the first step in unpacking your values and identifying the real benefits a SMARTER BUILDING can deliver.

To download the first chapter of his book click here.